Tiffany (sunshine_flying) wrote in glee20in20,

Mod Post!

Hey everyone!

This post is a quick advertisement: I'm looking for a third mod to help me run things around here. Now that I'm out of school, working full time, etc.,  I'm going to need some help. Right now we have the lovely laceandbuttons on as our vote-checker (we've had some cases of self-voting here in the last few rounds) and she also deals with tie-breaker voting posts and winners posts.

What I'm looking for in a third mod is someone that can post a sign-up post, and keep it updated with people as they sign up, but also keep it updated with a tally of who has completed their sets and who hasn't. This is useful to me for statistics that I pull to get a better idea of things for future rounds. I'd also need them to post reminder posts. This would require attention from the 21st until the end of the month, and then on the 10th and 18th of every month. If this is a time commitment you could make, please comment to this (comments are screened). I'd love it if you could tell me if you have any prior experience with 20in20s, and what your upcoming time commitments look like so I can see who's readily available. I'm looking for someone to start with the reminder posts of the upcoming round. (materials needed like HTML templates will be provided once someone is chosen)

Thanks everyone!
Tags: !mod post
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